Cataclysm: A New World Emerges

John Conlee discusses his latest novel CataclysmPale Horse Books300 pages$13.95 CATACLYSM is set in the near future, in the aftermath of a catastrophe of uncertain origin and scope. When the novel opens, a small and diverse group of eco-tourists is touring a newly opened cavern complex deep in the Sierra Diablo Mountains in the Black Range of Southwestern New Mexico. … Continue reading Cataclysm: A New World Emerges

The State of Community Colleges

By Michael E. Norris Professor X gave us a pessimistic, even dark view of community colleges in his best-selling book, In the Basement of the Ivory Tower: The Truth About College, based on his experience as one of the huge corps of low-pay, no-benefit, no-tenure, part-time professors who now make up about three-fourths of college … Continue reading The State of Community Colleges

What ‘Hoarders’ Taught Me About Politics

By Michael E. Norris “Hoarders,” as many of us have learned from the eponymously named TV show that began in 2009, the first year of the Obama administration, documents the ill effects of a now formally recognized mental condition in which individuals obsessively and irrationally acquire and hang on to things. They cram their homes, … Continue reading What ‘Hoarders’ Taught Me About Politics